"Right before I met Francesca, I was nearing the beginning of a very pivotal phase in my life, and I was seeking guidance. Everything up until that point was leading me to cultivate my spiritual gifts. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I knew I needed a guide. Her authenticity, strength, and energy drew me in right away. Through her experiences and words, transmuting every experience in her life into something positive, she has helped me do the same. She serves as an example and leader for women all around the world on how to do the same. Not only is she a great leader, but she was able to channel divine messages, provide guidance, and shine a light during my darkest moments so that I could gain clarity on the blockages that were holding me back that I didn’t even know I had. I am so appreciative for her guidance more than I can put into words. Thank you Francesca!!"

"When I say Francesca has changed my life, I genuinely mean it. Working with Francesca has changed the subconscious voice in my head, and I finally had clarity about what I want. Francesca's support has been the most beautiful gift, I have been working with her for years now, and more abundance than I even realized I was created flowed to me. Not only is it flowing to me but I am able to embrace them intentionally. Francesca's genuine excitement has built an unbreakable foundation for me. Words cannot express how much Francesca has contributed to my life; I am so grateful."

"I booked life coaching sessions with Francesca for our family and we have been very happy with our progress together. My kids are 11 and 12 and were struggling a bit. We have tried traditional therapy in the past and they didn’t align with it so I booked life coaching sessions with Francesca and WOW what a difference! She listens to the kids and makes them feel like they matter. During each session she gives them actionable things they can do to shift the negative energy they are feeling and she also gives myself and my husband steps to help our kids feel seen, heard and valued. Francesca is great at relating to the kids on their level and gives them the space to speak freely. I definitely recommend booking life coaching sessions with Francesca!"

"Francesca has been an amazing coach to work with these past 9 months. We have worked through so much together with daily work, generational healing, family, friends, moving, and starting to build a business just to list a few things. Anyone that thinks that you can get by without a coach in life really needs to check with how you process information. It is beyond helpful to have that 2nd set of eyes to show a different perspective and change one's mindset to continue development and growth. I would not be where I am without Francesca's support, heartfelt applications and wisdom. Looking forward to closing in on a year with her."

"Francesca is a powerhouse. I have only had one 1x1 session with her, and she simply blew me away with her energy, authenticity, and honesty. She brought up two major physical issues I have been dealing with (teeth and knees) which I did not expect. She understood my goals and assignments without judgment. She gave me some simple instructions and herbs/plants to acquire, which are en route now. Unlike others in her field of expertise who claim that only they can do the work for you that you need done, she gives you clear, concise instructions to do the work for yourself that you can. That is empowering."

" I met with Francesca recently, and her council was so amazing. She provides empathetic strength. She offers of herself for your greatest good, and she knows exactly what to focus on to bring you to a place of healing and wholeness. She never holds back and her worldly advice and sharing pours out of her abundantly for anyone who is ready for it. She is a treasure to us all. Thank you Francesca, for all that you are."

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