Intuitive Services

A Hybrid Energy Healing Experience That Deep Cleans Your Soul

Do you feel like you need a guide to bridge the gap between the life you have & the life you want?

Amazing! That’s what EYE am here for. EYE am Francesca & am here to guide you on your journey inward so you can manifest the life you desire & align to the abundance of your soul on all levels. This is what you were made for. 

No matter who we are in life, we are ALL going through the same problems, fears and doubts. EYE use my intuition and vast knowledge of Tarot to help guide you on any questions in life that are keeping you up at night. The intention around our time together is to tap into your worldly and inner resources.

The most powerful sources of information come from


Here are the Journeys eye have to offer

Intuitive Business Guidance

For Business Startups

Intuitive Business Guidance

For Growing Your Existing Business

Birth Chart


Take a deep dive into reading and learning about your birth chart in this 4-week offering. Francesca will teach you how to read and interpret your birth chart and how it can help you better navigate your journey.

Shadow Work

12-Week Program

There are 4 parts to all of us:

Mind, Body, Spirit, & Shadow.

We tend to neglect the shadow self, as the shadow is the unconscious/disowned parts of our personalities.

What is the shadow self?

The shadow self was created in childhood, a byproduct of certain interactions with our families. When our caregivers/families project their beliefs/understanding of the world unto us, that’s when the shadow self is born as a place to hide/repress our sensitivities that may not align with the beliefs of our families.

All your powers are in your shadows.

In this program, we dive deep into the shadows from a spiritual perspective to see where/what you don’t acknowledge/see about yourself.

We meet weekly for an hour, work together through presence, mindfulness & daily journaling to recognize & address your patterns, triggers & projections. We will work on how to integrate all aspects of your person through introspection, meditation, accountability practices, gentleness practices etc.

This program is only for those who are truly ready to work on the deepest parts of themselves in order to turn their pain into power & thrive!

Want to chat with Francesca?

15 Minute Q&A Session

15 minutes. Ask Francesca anything you like and chat 1×1 with her via Zoom. 

Have you awakened spiritually?


20-Week Program

Receive thorough coaching through your spiritual journey and awakening.

Next Steps

 Using intuition to channel wisdom from the Divine, through the medium of tarot cards, I offer support to give you guidance and clarity. ​As a life coach and intuitive, I will provide insights for practical application in your life. 

All sessions are virtual via Google Meet or Phone – and are approximately 45 minutes.


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